ROKMAN driving mobile adoption for SA Mines


Since the Launch of Rokman in 2013 we have been exposed to the daily challenges that mine operators experience. With our two concurrent deployments at Lanxes and Royal Bafokeng Platinum we were able to fine tune the application to the real mining environment.

So you make ask what do want from you?  We would like to invite you to engage in an one hour discussion where the Ability Mining Solution specialist will explore and discuss the various applications of a mobile business process driven solution and the impact that it has on risk management, operations and compliance requirements in the mining sector. Rest assured that this letter will be followed by a more details case study as well as more detail on the Rokman solution.

Rokman’s comprehensive offering and capabilities current stretch across SHEQ, Resource Management, Risk Assessments, Assets inspections and provides various stakeholders with capability to report, comply and follow-up on daily tasks like PTO , Safety Declarations, detailed Reporting etc.

Daily objectives are shared with all other mine management and safety officials in the industry and with Ability’s ROKMAN solution you can now ensure that goals and deliverables are met on a shift by shift basis. 

ROKMAN is designed to be operated by the Shift Supervisor making use of robust handheld devices with online and offline capabilities able to survive in hostile environments. If you can operate a cell phone you can operate ROKMAN. 

Operations per shift can be scheduled, managed and monitored by ROKMAN with full escalation and notification of completed and outstanding tasks. Full auditable reports date, time and operator stamped and available for DMR inspection in real-time without the lag incurred when having to capture information manually after shifts and preparing reports from log books.

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