SCANMAN Appoints Ability Solutions as Gauteng Regional Representative

As a recent enquirer of the SCANMAN barcoding/RFID solution, it gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Ability Solutions as SCANMAN’s greater Gauteng Region representative.

Ability Solutions has a wealth of experience in Inventory Management/ Fixed Assets Management and general systems integration over their 36 years of history. Having deployed in excess of 170 ERP solutions in their time, they understand end to end integrated solutions but more importantly, what is required to ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing customer support.

Their customer base is across industry spanning blue-chip companies in financial services, mining, wholesale distribution, bulk distribution, specialist banking and the public sector.

Now that you have a permanent local representative, if you are still interested in how SCANMAN can make a positive contribution to your organisations operations, click on the link below and Ability will be there to assist you in your solution evaluation.

Give them a call and let Ability Solutions unlock yours.

Jasper Pons

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